It is believed that Ghuleh was born as Logan James in 1911 near Castle Mountain in Alberta Canada. His parents had a small cabin at the base of the mountain; his father being a logger for Mountain Ridge Logging Co.

A horrible accident on the mountain in 1929 caused a partial collapse of the mountain which crushed the cabin in which the James family resided; Logan’s mother a father were both crushed by the combination of the falling rock and the cabin itself. It was at this time that Logan discovered his ability to heal wounds at an accelerated rate; however, Logan still to this day does not know if he was born with this ability as his parents never discussed this with him.

After the accident, Logan became a drifter. Floating from village to village, working for food and shelter mostly. It was also at this time that Logan started pit fighting for beer at The Stained Hide in Arrowwood, AB The bar owner/promoter, not liking the name Logan, billed Logan as Ghuleh on the flyers for the fights as he thought it would draw better crowds and make him much more money. Ghuleh is a term for ghoul in Canadian folklore; they are demon-like figures that usually feed on human flesh which perfectly described Logan’s fighting style.

Logan ended up becoming very good friends with The Stained Hide bar owner, Sam, and lived above the bar in a small room for several years. Late one night in 1934; a bar patron thinking he had been screwed over on his winnings from a fight, shot Sam which prompted Logan to become enraged and brutally beat and kill the bar patron. During the brawl when Logan became uncontrollably angry; bone claws emerged through his hands as he was punching the bar patron. Unbeknownst to him and as he was punching the individual; he was also stabbing him with the claws that were protruding through his hands. There were several witnesses to this incident which forced Logan to flee.

Logan traveled aimlessly over the course of a few weeks, ending up in Ponoka, AB. Logan earned food and shelter in Ponoka the way he had grown accustomed to in Arrowwood; by fighting. Shortly after arriving in Ponoka, Logan was approached by an individual that was very impressed with Logan’s fighting skills. Logan got a really bad vibe from this man and encouraged the man to “fuck off, bub!” Logan’s last memory of that night was leaving the bar…he awoke in a lab strapped to a table and hooked up to a series of injection tubes. This was Logan’s introduction to his Adamantium laced bones; a process that would have surely killed him if not for his accelerated healing ability.

While he was going in and out of consciousness during the injection process; he overheard lab assistants talking about Logan’s father; he was still alive!!! Logan demanded to know more after he fully regained consciousness to which Dr. Charles Windsor introduced himself to Logan and explained that all will be told as long as Logan agreed to help them test the Adamantium that he had just been injected with. Logan did not have to think long about this offer.

Logan was sent on a mission with a group of others that were rumored to have also been injected with the Adamantium process; he would never see Dr. Windsor again. While the group were sent on site to Germany to steal information from the Nazis, Dr. Windsor’s facility was bombed and Charles Windsor and his assistants all perished. Logan decided that a possible way to learn more of his fathers whereabouts would be to become a mercenary for hire for the Canadian government; working for the government while gaining their trust and using their resources.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941; the United States requested the services of Logan (now known as Codename: Ghuleh) through the Canadian government. Ghuleh was sent to Japan to persuade Tōjō Hideki to end the feud between Japan and the United States. Ghuleh truly lived up to his name during the convincing process…

This task truly tested Ghuleh’s sanity; he decided to travel to Okinawa and not return to Canada and retire from his mercenary ways. It was at this time that Ghuleh met Kirara Asuka in the village of Higashi. Logan tried hard to keep his violent history from Kirara, he sadly found out that this would be impossible. After 4 years of living on the island with Kirara, there was an incident on the beach which prompted Logan to assist with which revealed his true identity to Kirara. She demanded he leave the island and never return.

Logan truly wanted to be with Kirara and give up everything that he had become over the years; no matter the cost. Logan began researching reversing the injection process…he has yet to see Kirara since leaving the island in 1945.

Not much is known of the whereabouts and actions of Ghuleh between 1945-2011. It is thought that in 2011; Ghuleh became a villain due to the aliens containment and slaughter of at least one remaining family member. The toll of fighting for survival, fighting for profit, and just fighting through life itself soured Ghuleh to what was good and/or evil in this world. It is not known at this time if that family member was his father. The theory is that his father did, in fact, survive the collapse of the mountain onto the cabin which could lead us to believe that his father also had an accelerated healing ability; only to become a victim of the ruthless alien race that invaded Earth after slaughtering the super heroes.


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