Scorpio's Necessary Evil

Issue 3: More Power!

The villains try to get fake IDs, but end up being set up by the fence. After fighting their way out of the pawn shop, the villains break into the sewer treatment facility and take a power relay into Terron’s Lair.—

Issue 2: Underground Irregulars

The villains are tasked by Doctor Destruction to take a power relay into the lair of the deceased supervillain known as Terron. The villains assisted the Undergrounders on a heist in order to gain their favor. The Undergrounders received a large amount of desperately needed food. In exchange, the Undergrounders showed the villains how to reach Terron’s lair.

The villains stormed terron’s lair and fought their way through the compound and destroyed the robot guardians.

Issue 1: A Kidnapping

A Kidnapping (played on 1/24/14)
The villains are rescued from a V’sori transport by none other than Dr. Destruction himself. From there, the set out to kidnap a cape name Mindjack from an internment warehouse. The villains free Mindjack and a woman named Valerie Ramirez.


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